Public relations, Publicity, Public Affairs

The quality of reputation, degree of support and understanding for the goals of company's operations, its vision and ventures among individual stakeholders' groups determines its success and competitive advantage.

We develop and implement comprehensive public relations strategies supporting our clients in the following areas of their business operations, inter alia:

– Implementation of change processes such as restructuring, mergers, take-overs

– Launching new services, products to the market

– Rebranding process

– Conducting a dialogue with broad groups of stakeholders

– Communication management processes in crisis situations

– Building relations with the media

– Building relations with opinion leaders

– Building relations with institutions of business and public environment

Implementation of major investments and ventures that have a significant impact on infrastructural and social environment in which a given company functions and on the natural environment


Our advisory services and realizations in the area of a strategic approach to public relations comprise:

1. Planning and realization of multi-layered communication analyses, the scope and research areas of which we define depending on the type of a problem, challenges that our client faces, the sector, decision-making processes and many more factors affecting the performance of such type of analytical work. We use a number of research and analytical instruments to carry out the analysis. We use the results, inter alia:

– to evaluate and verify the current public relations activities undertaken by a given company or institution

– to evaluate and to verify the current relations activities undertaken by the competition

– to define/redefine strategic and tactical goals of public relations

– to define/redefine target groups for public relations

– to specify/verify the messages conveyed

– to identify potential sensitive points, symptoms of potential crisis situations

– to identify opinion leaders

– to indicate the chief communication contexts

– to indicate the so-called main media anchors


2.    Developing a public relations strategy that encompasses, inter alia:

– designing project activities, specifying suitable public relations instruments and techniques

– defining the proper on-line and off-line communication channels

– defining the so-called communication ambassadors and partners

– developing a plan of action, time schedules and budgets

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We are highly competent in creating exceptional communication platforms and contexts aimed at building relations with particular stakeholders’ groups as well as favourable climate and understanding for our customers’ goals and operations. We devise public affairs plans and strategies aimed at building relations, support and conducting dialogue with crucial groups of stakeholders, inter alia, with local governments, institutions of business environment, public institutions and government administration. We offer a wide spectrum of analytical, consultancy services in the field of public affairs, comprising, among other things: analysis of interest groups, analysis of decision-making processes, legislation monitoring, designing a media policy

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Our offer in the field of media policy planning and implementation includes, inter alia:


– Providing advice in content-related matters concerning the implementation of media policy

– Developing creative and content-related concepts and their implementation in the national, social and foreign media

– Establishing and maintaining positive relations with the representatives of the media that are of import from the point of view of a company through meetings in person and telephone conversations

– Responding to queries from the media – preparing official press releases and announcements

– Preparing and providing press information, comments and statements, etc., to the media

– Organizing One2One interviews

– Developing the concept of special press materials, dedicated programmes and debates as well as negotiating conditions for such types of publications / recordings

– Preparing, monitoring and updating editorial plans in the individual media deemed to be the most important from the point of view of company’s operations

– Ongoing monitoring of the media (including media alerts)

– Preparing meetings with the media, organizing media trips

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A crisis is understood as every significant change in an organization, inter alia: restructuring, merger, take-over, launching a new product to the market, management change, rebranding, legislative, social and political changes that impact strongly on the business operations of a company and many other. A crisis also includes a situation of loss of a company’s good image, reputation or credibility. In all such cases we assist our clients in the process managing communication, which plays a crucial role and determines the financial results of a company, the scale of any potential losses or the success of strategic undertakings. The scope of consultancy and performance of the services we offer includes, inter alia:

– Devising an action plan and communication scenarios

– Comprehensive consultancy regarding the strategy and activities related to crisis situation management, cooperation with the company’s Management

– Defining the most important “hot spots” and signalling them to the client

– Devising and implementing the so-called Crisis Manual – guidelines regarding communication management in crisis situations

– Ongoing verification and supplementation of materials necessary for external communication, including media relations and internal communication

– Preparing a communication plan of restoring one’s reputation, image

– Developing a strategy of communication in the process of change

– Developing a public relations and public affairs strategy

– Training for the company’s management, information and public relations services

– Comprehensive 24/7 service

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The ability to convey the right information that can answer the question: “why should anyone care about my company, products, services, operations?” determines the effectiveness of marketing. We are able to hear and understand the voice of individual stakeholder groups, look at a given problem from their perspective, identify the main factors, people, institutions of influence, etc. The subsequent step involves formulating the right messages that ought to be conveyed via the proper channels and platforms (www, blog, media, events, personal contacts, institutional cooperation, etc.)

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Designing and implementing public relations strategy
Designing and implementing public affairs strategy
Media relations
Publicity campaigns in earned, owned and paid media
Communication management in crisis situations
Message development

Implemented projects

Every company functions in both market and non-market environment. Non-market strategies are even more important when the company’s chances are dependent on the social climate in which a given company operates. Companies have smaller control over the results of their operations in the non-market environment than in the case of operations performed in the market environment. It means that for many of them non-market strategies may be crucial in the long run and they require planning and foresight.

We have strong competences in creating exceptional communication platforms and contexts aimed at building relations with particular stakeholders’ groups as well as favourable climate and understanding for our customers’ goals and operations.

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Below we present a list of CITYBELL clients for whom we have designed or implemented a full spectrum of analytical, advisory and implementation services in the fields of public relations, public affairs and publicity.

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