Appetite for the region. Podkarpackie Smaki (Subcarpathian Flavours).
A publicity campaign promoting a unique in the country culinary route

Marshal's Office of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Procarpatia Association
Services rendered
Research, communication analysis, tourism promotion strategy, launching new tourist products, earned, owned and paid media publicity campaign, production of photo sessions, preparation of texts, media study tour, cooperation with opinion leaders on the Internet


Appetite for the Region. Subcarpathian Flavours is a multifaceted, lifestyle publicity campaign dedicated to the promotion of the Subcarpathian Flavours Culinary Route – a unique route on the scale of the entire country. The campaign entails the promotion of quality and genuineness in the tourist offer of the region. It is a campaign that creates fashion for culinary and cultural tourism in Poland – dynamically developing, the most noble and opinion-building variety of tourism.

The campaign aimed at raising awareness of the tourist appeal of the region and the promotion of its new tourist product – the Subcarpathian Flavours Culinary Route. It also promoted the trend related to cultural and culinary tourism, so far rarely communicated in Poland.


  • Complex analysis of the region's image
  • The use of Citybell Consulting studies on "Lifestyle image of cities and regions"
  • Realization of a pioneering study in Poland - Appetite for the region, aimed at defining the trends and directions in which culinary tourism in Poland is heading and examining Poles' interest in traditional products as well as the impact of the culinary offer of places on the purchasing decisions of a Polish tourist
  • Indicating key communication contexts: culinary and cultural tourism; growing interest in cooking and openness to new products and culinary experiments; genuineness and local culture as the direction of the future of tourism
  • Placing the focus of communication on: marketing EXPERIENCES, EMOTIONS AND PEOPLE
  • Lifestyle-focused manner of narration
  • Organization of influencers campaign with the participation of high-profile bloggers and vloggers (from 50,000 - 1.2 million unique readers each; over 50,000 + fans on Facebook) representing the blogosphere and vlogosphere in the fields of: cuisine, travel, culture and lifestyle
  • Organization of a 3-day media trip attended by 15 journalists representing opinion-building lifestyle media, culinary and travel media as well as bloggers and vloggers
  • Road Show in popular programs of leading radio and TV stations with the participation of the experts in the local cuisine, the creators of the Subcarpathian Flavours Route and the people of culture
  • Preparation of a set of 12 dedicated press and visual materials
  • Preparation of a special set of photos (the so-called: experience photo)
  • Preparation of a set of nearly 12 different types of press and visual materials


  • Communicating a new tourist product - Szlak Podkarpackie Smaki (Subcarpathian Flavours Route)
  • Introducing new, previously unused and unpublished image themes of the region
  • Diversifying the current perception of a tourist offer
  • Incorporating a lifestyle-cantered way of communication into tourist promotion
  • Nearly 100 press articles and on-line articles including qualitative, cross-sectional articles at: Sukces, Voyage, National Geographic, W Podróży, Business Traveler, Interia, Onet - home page, Slow Life Food and Garden, Zwierciadło, Podróże, Gazeta Wyborcza - Turystyka , Rzeczpospolita - Turystyka, Slow, Kukbuk, Monitor Magazine
  • Setting the trend for culinary and cultural tourism in Poland
  • 100 proc. of the publications presented the Subcarpathian Voivodeship in positive light, raising new and attractive themes
  • 95 proc. of the publications used the terms: Podkarpackie Smaki (Subacrpathian Flavours), Podkarpacie (Subcarpathia), Apetyt na region (Appetite for the region)
  • Nearly 50 000 views of the photos of the Route sites taken and published during the study tour by bloggers invited to the campaign
  • Extensive social media reach (publications on blogs, vlogs, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other portals): over 3 489 000
  • 10 radio and 3 television broadcasts: Radio PiN, Radio Eska, TOK FM, Polskie Radio Pr 1, Polskie Radio Pr 3, Radio dla Ciebie, Radio Kolor, Radio Zet, TVP2, TVP1, TVN
  • The journalists, bloggers and vloggers present at the study tour rated the Subcarpathian Voivodeship offer very highly