Economic promotion strategy of the City addressed to the BPO/SSC sector

City Hall of the City of Rzeszow
Services rendered
Communication research, analyses; Communication audit; Evaluation of proeconomic promotional activities; Economic promotion strategy;


Rzeszow is among a group of dynamically developing cities that have actively been soliciting investors, so far chiefly from the industrial and manufacturing sectors. In 2015 the scope of Rzeszow’s economic interests expanded to the sector of modern services to business – BPO/SSC/IT and R&D.

Thanks to the appeal of the sector of modern services to business, a number of cities in Poland and in the world have demonstrated their interest in it. On the map of cities so far considered by investors as particularly interesting locations (next to Warsaw, Tricity, Katowice, Krakow, Szczecin, Lodz, Wroclaw), new ones have emerged, including also Rzeszow. It meant that Rzeszow needed to face strong competition from other urban centres which find the shared services sector to be strategic and particularly important.

It became vital for the city to have a strategy of economic promotion addressed to the sector of modern shared services of systematized nature, distinctive communication activities, using integrated communication instruments, and one strong enough to stand out among the communications, activities and events undertaken and organized by competing cities.

Realization and results

On the basis of the conclusions drawn from the conducted extensive analysis and evaluation of the current method of Rzeszow's economic promotion, Citybell Consulting devised proposals of pro-economy activities aimed at attracting investors from the BPO/SSC sector, which included among other things:

  • Recommendations for the promotional materials concerning the solicitation of investments in the area of BPO/SSC/IT/R&D.
  • Recommendations for B2U (business to university) activities.
  • Recommendations for the communication channels used (direct and indirect ones).
  • Recommendations for the organization of special events dedicated to economic promotion.
  • Recommendations regarding the operation of investor support in the City of Rzeszow
  • Proposals for the activities within the scope of contacts with national and foreign sector-related media.
  • Proposals of project activities in the national and foreign market.
  • Proposals of creative and advertising activities (BTL and ATL activities) in the national and foreign market.
  • Proposals of public relations and public affairs activities in the national and foreign market, comprising, among other things, cooperation with institutions of business environment, Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, international chambers of commerce and sector-related institutions in Poland and abroad.
  • Specifying key areas that require supplementing, optimisation or a complete changeover.

The consultancy activities entrusted to Citybell Consulting were fulfilled with a thorough understanding of the issue of economic promotion and professionalism in approaching the tasks set. We evaluated highly the analytic and strategic documents prepared by the company and we can testify that they fully satisfied our expectations. Over the entire course of our cooperation Citybell Consulting advisors fulfilled the job entrusted to them in a professional and committed manner. It is with complete conviction that I recommend Citybell Consulting as a reliable and professional partner, one which offers a wealth of support and experience both with regard to the promotion and formulation of an economic offer.

Roman Holzer Vice-President of the City of Rzeszow