Go!Spodarka Economic Forum
Public affairs and public relations for the European Commission Representation in Poland

European Commission Representation in Poland
Services rendered
Organisation of special events; Public relations, Public Affairs, publicity camping in earned, paid and owned media


In March 2012 nearly 13 thousand people participated in the Go!Spodarka Economic Forum organised by Citybell for the European Commission Representation in Poland. The participants of the Forum included, inter alia, representatives of od state institutions, NGO’s, think tanks and the academic circles.

The aim of the project was to convey to the public the information about the economic crisis, to present the concrete solutions proposed by the European Union for the recovery from the current crisis situation, and to draw attention to the EU initiatives aimed at counteracting the crisis in Europe and at stimulating smart and sustainable economic growth.


  • The Forum was held at 6 leading universities in Poland simultaneously
  • Nearly 13 000 people participated in the event, thanks to the use of advanced technological and communication solutions
  • Citybell was entrusted with comprehensive organisation of the event, including the preparation of the event content programme, recommending and enlisting the speakers - leading Polish economists and politicians, cooperation with universities
  • Moreover, Citybell was responsible for the conduct of on-line and off-line public relations activities, including the social media and public affairs communication
  • Communication activities were addressed to a highly varied group of recipients - representatives of government administration, embassies, non- governmental organisations, think tanks, academic circles and students

Performing the entrusted job, Citybell Consulting demonstrated its versatility and professionalism, proving extensive experience of its consultants in public relations and public affairs. We have nothing but high praise for the performance of Citybell Consulting and we recommend the company with complete trust as a reliable partner.

Rafał Rudnicki Head of the Information and Social Communication Department