Introduction of the COSTA COFFEE brand on the Polish market. The greatest rebranding in the history of the Polish coffee market

Services rendered
Introduction of products, services and companies to the market; Communication in the process of change; Internal communication, Media relations; Social media; Publicity campaigns - earned, owned and paid media; Crisis communication; Organization of special events

Idea / Purpose / Challenge

In 2010, 100% of CHI Polska shares (coffeeheaven operator) were purchased by the British company of Costa Ltd. Costa Limited – number one in Europe and the manager of the second largest international coffee brand in the world – has decided to launch the COSTA COFFEE brand on the Polish market. This project involved the greatest rebranding process in the history of the Polish coffee market and resulted in changing 110 coffeeheaven cafés into COSTA COFFEE cafés. Developing brand awareness for the COSTA COFFEE brand and convincing loyal coffeeheaven customers to the new brand in the short period of time was the major challenge for the communication process in the area of both external and internal communication.

Launching a brand on a new market is a difficult task. Replacing a brand already known and loved by many fans and consumers with a different brand not yet known in Poland is even more difficult. Customers choose their lovebrands – brands in whose “life” they are emotionally invested. If a given lovebrand changes or is replaced by another brand, the change evokes a variety of feelings in customers. The way in which a brand or a company functions in the changing conditions as well as the manner in which a company attempts to make its customers accept the changes becomes crucial.


  • Strategic consultancy provided for the Management Board of CHI Polska in the field of communication management in the process of change
  • Development and implementation of a communication strategy which supports the rebranding process
  • Collaboration with opinion leaders on the Internet
  • Planning and realization of publicity activities
  • Creating a comprehensive plan for the employees CHI Polska and the customers of coffeeheaven and COSTA by coffeeheaven to accept the process of changing the brand.
  • Creation and realization of a communication strategy with key opinion leaders on the Internet (bloggers and vloggers), celebrities
  • Organization of special events related to the rebranding process, their vision, formula, organization and content side
  • Creating scenarios of all communication projects and activities which involve clients and allow establishing relationships and cooperation with key opinion leaders on the Internet.
  • Running a press office


  • Building a high informative range about COSTA COFFEE by means of publications on blogs, vlogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Internet portals: 242 639 046
  • Creating a lifestyle image of the COSTA COFFEE brand and setting the trend of spending time in cafés
  • Building strong relationships with the COSTA COFFEE brand and key opinion leaders on the Internet
  • Building a strong image of a café industry leader
  • Immediately after the press conference, nearly 100 media publications on the subject of the greatest rebranding in the coffee industry in Poland appeared in key lifestyle and business media. i.e. Rzeczpospolita, Gazeta Wyborcza, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Newsweek, Polityka and other...
  • More than 1000 participants of pre-opening events in selected locations (VIP event invitations were provided only to the most loyal customers of a given café)
  • Engaging café employees in the role of event hosts - building a relationship between Baristas and Customers

Citybell Consulting is a trusted, extremely professional and competent partner that has greatly contributed to our success.

Andrzej Jackiewicz Managing Director COSTA COFFEE POLSKA