Tourist promotion of the region in opinion- building media -
Lubuskie Szlakiem Wina i Miodu
(Lubuskie Voivodeship Wine And Honey Route)

Marshal Office of the Lubuskie Voivodeship
Services rendered
Tourism promotion strategy, planning and realizing publicity campaigns in earned, paid and owned media, media study tour organization


Today’s tourist, especially the one that is particularly attractive for each region,  travels all year round, spends more money, looks for an exceptional and extraordinary offer and seeks genuine places unspoilt by mass tourism. The trend currently growing in Poland is connected with culinary tourism, enotourism, and the search for uniqueness. It creates opportunities to draw tourists; attention to the Lubuskie Voivodeship, which is at the stage of building awareness of its tourist appeal. Vineyards and the The Wine And Honey tourist route associated with them, which constitute one of the undoubtedly attractive Lubuskie features, is not yet widely known on a national scale.

Therefore, in its promotional activities, the Lubuskie Voivodeship has decided to cooperate and build relationships with representatives of top opinion-building lifestyle national media, which still strongly shape the trends and needs of their readers (also with regard to discovering new and unique places).


  • In cooperation with the Marshal's Office, Citybell has developed a holistic concept of building relationships and communication with the lifestyle media
  • The organization of an exceptional study trip for nationwide journalists to the Lubuskie Voivodeship was one of the tactical promotional activities; the trip aimed at drawing the lifestyle national media's attention to the region's tourist offer as well as the promotion of the "Wine And Honey Route" as well as the presentation of interesting and unique places
  • We developed the creative concept of a study tour, which satisfied the needs of the editorial staff and journalists
  • The study tour program prepared by us included carefully selected and thought-out elements - in order to follow the principles of modern presentation of places
  • We provided technical and logistical coordination of the study tour as well as support for journalists during the entire trip
  • We selected the most appropriate media for the publicity campaign
  • We prepared sets of press materials


  • The study tour concept developed by Citybell Consulting inspired huge interest among lifestyle journalists in the region's offer
  • The representatives of lifestyle, opinion-building, national media from the following editorial offices: Sukces, National Geographic, Magazyn Wino, Slow Life Food & Garden, Kukbuk, Magazyn Smak and Polskie Radio Czwórka took part in the study tour
  • As a result of the campaign, 30 high-quality articles and radio shows presenting Lubuskie tourist attractions were created, the advertising value of which amounted to PLN 250,000.