Public relations and public affairs activities related to the promotion of the largest biomedical and biotechnological undertaking in Central and Eastern Europe

Preclinical Research Centre of the Medical University of Warsaw
Services rendered
Public relations, publicity, public affairs; economic promotion


Preclinical Research Centre (PRC) of the Medical University of Warsaw is a key investment of the Preclinical Research and Technology Centre (PRTC), which will make Poland a world-class science performer. PRTC has so far been the largest investment in the development of biomedical and innovation sciences in Poland, and simultaneously a novel initiative of a number of scientific institutions (the Medical University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology, the University of Warsaw and 7 Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences) associated within the scope of one research project. The value of the PRTC project exceeded PLN 380 mln.

The main task set to Citybell Consulting was devising a publicity strategy related to the investment and its official opening. The goal of communication activities involved introducing the premises of the operation and capabilities of the research centres associated in the PRTC project to the public and to potential business partners; emphasising the role of the PRC and the PRTC in the development of Polish and European science and medicine; demonstrating the research and scientific potential as well as emphasising the possibilities of the PRC and PRTC development; emphasising the modern formula of PRTC and PRC operation as well as the cooperation of science and business.


  • Analysis of current investment image, publications in the media
  • Developing a publicity strategy and key messages regarding the project
  • Devising a programme of media participation in the PRC opening
  • Creating a database of the media to be invited to the PRC opening
  • Preparing press releases, including video footage
  • Preparing a Q&A Document
  • Inviting the media
  • Support provided during the media participation in the PRC opening
  • Organisation of a series of interviews with the participation of PRC representatives


  • 33 press publications in leading printed and online press
  • 6 television broadcasts in leading national TV stations
  • 5 radio broadcasts
  • Media reach of the publicity - over 4.7 m
  • Advertising value of publications - PLN 1.5 m