Internal communication

Internal communication is a management function, not distribution of information. It should be the driving force for all changes and support in shaping the identity and innovative pro-entrepreneurial internal culture of organizations and teams.

Audit and evaluation of internal communication is the moment of stopping and verification of the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s previous activities in the area of internal communication.

The audit we offer to our clients is meant to help them mainly in:

– Gaining a proper perspective on the projects implemented and internal communication instruments and channels applied so far in the organization
– Defining the communication culture within a given organization
– Identifying categories of channels and ways of internal communication that are key for achieving specific organization’s objectives
– Defining the tactics appropriate for building employee engagement at a rational and emotional level
– Capturing the type of information and contexts that are most desirable by employees – depending on the scope of their responsibilities and positions in the organization
– Defining the strategic and tactical goals suitable for the internal communication strategy
– Assessing the employees’ general perception of the existing method of internal communication in the company
– Verifying the areas in which employees would see the necessary changes
– Verifying the degree of attractiveness of corporate information prepared so far
– Verifying the current method of informing and engaging employees.


Managerial communication

Most studies on internal communication confirm that what is really important for an employee does not occur between an employee and a corporate communication department but between an employee and their immediate supervisor. Only the managers who are engaged in communication can create committed teams. That is why managerial communication occupies a special place in our Audit and concerns the assessment of the quality and effectiveness of managerial communication in the organization.



Conducting this type of analysis requires proper preparation, which is why we always carefully plan all stages of the evaluation of internal communication of the company, beginning with 1.Audit preparation 2. Introduction of the Audit into the organization 3. Audit realization 4. Presentation of the conclusions



The conclusions from the audit constitute a verified basis for designing an effective internal data-based communication strategy.

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The strategies of internal communication we create are used by our clients chiefly for the purpose of:

– Building employee involvement
– Ensuring high quality bilateral communication inside their company
– Developing attitudes among employees that contribute to achieving the goals set by the company with the lowest financial, time-related, image-related and psychological costs possible
– Creating organizational culture allowing to achieve competitive advantage
– Promoting organization’s values
– Supporting the organization undergoing the process of changes – our strategies are aimed at eliminating or minimizing employee resistance to change, they build support and understanding for the decisions undertaken by company management among all internal groups of stakeholders as well as the promotion of the company’s strategic goals inside the organization


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Defining and building a company’s identity and its organizational culture allowing it to succeed in a hyper-competitive world is a fundamental issue for every organization. People who combine shared values, defined in a way that is transparent to all, who understand the common goal and fulfil a clear vision, feel responsible for the results.

Through the educational and training programmes devised by Citybell as well as communication strategies we help our clients in defining and promoting organization values, defining the desirable organizational culture as well as formulating a promise that employees and managements ought to make to one another. Thereby, we assist in building commitment and trust inside an organization.

For our clients we develop suitable programmes that enable expanding the point of view in respect of an organizational identity and culture, looking at oneself and one’s style of operation from a slightly different perspective, conducting a constructive dialogue that touches upon even the most complex issues, formulating new conclusions and defining new actions for the future.


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The educational programmes and training proposed by Citybell Consulting diverting from common patterns, assuming the nature of an out-of-the-ordinary, unforgettable and personal meeting. They provide an opportunity for an open and friendly dialogue between employees, members of a given team and between teams.

– On the basis of the experience resulting from work with both organizations and individuals, from the conducted research and implemented projects of internal character, management in the process of change, internal communication and with the use of modern methods and tools, we offer innovative workshops based on experience.

– Our programmes and workshop sessions are effective both thanks to the employment of non-standard tools in various interactive ways, but also through the search for solutions.

– We believe that the development of employees and teams starts with reflection. Reflection on the functioning of the team, its members, tasks posed to them, the sense of responsibility for the results, as well as reflection on how the team defines a vision of what it creates and what it wants to represent.

– Our programmes and workshops allow an escape form a daily routine; they provide a deeper insight into basic aspects of one’s work and activities from a different perspective, leading to some important conclusions. In order to demonstrate the weak points of one’s operations, the operation of a team or to discover the required solutions, one needs to pause and evaluate.

– We guarantee that our programmes, training and workshops are unique, engaging and inspiring; they provide a possibility of personal and professional growth. Suitable consequent actions allow maintaining the effects long after workshops have ended.


Our educational programmes, training and workshops encompass the following areas of the internal operation of a company:












Our work methods:

The educational programmes, training and workshops offered by Citybell are “custom-made” in terms of specific needs and previous experience of a given company. In our work we use coaching, mentoring, expert methods, games, working with metaphors and exercises.

We enable participants to expand their point of view with regard to the respective issues, to look at well-known situations from a new perspective, to engage in constructive dialogue that touches upon even the most complex issues, formulating new conclusions and defining new actions for the future.

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Audit and evaluation of internal communication
Designing communication strategies
Defining and building organizational identity and culture
Educational programmes and training

Implemented projects

We create effective, adequate and effective communication solutions for:

– Research and evaluation of the internal communication quality
– Strengthening the employee identification with the company and the brand
– Eliminating resistance to change processes
– Raising employee engagement
– Improving the efficiency of processes and eliminating losses as well as time, financial, social and psychological costs
– Improving the organization’s innovativeness
– Improving the quality of customer service
– Building and increasing customer loyalty
– Increasing the value and number of transactions in relation to sales
– Creating an organizational culture that allows achieving success and competitive advantage
– Supporting organizations in change processes


Below there is a list of our clients for whom we have performed a full range of analytical, advisory and enforcement services in the field of internal communication.

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