Czas na Bursztyn (Time For Amber)
- lifestyle publicity campaign
Icon of the region in the tourist promotion.

Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization
Services rendered
Tourism promotion strategy, planning and implementation of publicity campaigns in the earned, paid and owned media, media study tour organization


The Pomeranian Voivodeship is recognizable and popular mainly thanks to its rich summer seaside tourist offer and its cities, such as Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, Ustka and Władysławowo. However, this is not all that Pomerania has to offer.

With regard to tourism promotion, the region's challenges are:

  • to attract tourists other than a mass tourist (the so- called beach tourists) - namely: the so-called seekers of otherness - with a year-round offer of the region
  • to increase the perceived appeal of the tourist offer in autumn, winter and spring seasons
  • to present and communicate the region's assets in new lifestyle contexts
  • to diversify the existing associations with the region
  • to eliminate the negative image of the region as a place characterised by crowded beaches and throngs of mass tourists
  • to raise awareness of the region's wide tourist offer extending far beyond the typical "summer" beach and seaside offer
  • to use the amber theme to present the region's rich and versatile tourist offer

Realization and results

Time for Amber is an on-line and off-line lifestyle communication publicity campaign which, by means of a wide range of communication techniques and instruments, presented the region in unusual contexts, thus attracting the attention of prestigious media and opinion leaders on the Internet. Our activities to promote Pomerania entailed:

  • Conducting an in-depth image analysis of Pomerania; the analysis encompassed a media analysis, communication contexts, previously implemented communication activities, the presence of Pomerania in the social media, tourist and cultural products in terms of their use in publicity activities.
  • Collaboration with opinion leaders on the Internet, which included organization of exceptional trips on thematic routes and competitions for readers of tourist blogs related to the promotion of amber. The competitions generated over 220,000 page-views with information about Pomerania and its attractions.
  • Preparation of a set of attractive press materials, including photo sets, tourist attraction offers and ready-made tours
  • The publicity campaign strategy development, including the guiding idea and its creative concept
  • Organization of exceptional events - bloggers and media trips "Following the Amber" with the participation of bloggers and journalists; during the trips, the guests had an opportunity to see and experience the region's attractions from an unusual, little-known and extremely attractive perspective.
  • Bloggers' trips resulted in the creation of high-quality content blogs about Pomerania and a very extensive information reach - over 12,660 likes and 490,000 page-views.
  • Media relations activities, including the organization of a study tour to the Pomeranian Voivodeship, in which journalists representing the editorial offices of Sukces, SlowLife, Focus, National Geographic, Podróże and participated, generated a range of over 54,000,000 and an advertising equivalent of PLN 632,718 was earned.